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Terms & Conditions

1. Gift Card Sale Verification No Sale Transaction is complete, and Gift Card Masters will not facilitate the payment of funds to a Seller for a Sale Transaction, until Gift Card Masters verifies (i) the balance on all Gift Card. Gift Card Masters reserves the right to reject any Gift Card(s) that we believe (in our sole discretion) may: (i) be fraudulent, invalid, inauthentic or stolen, (ii) have come from an unauthorized or illegal source, (iii) be related to any illegal activity or (iv) otherwise pose a financial risk to us, our Members, or Retailers. All payments may be held up to 7 days and Gift Card Masters reserves the right to refuse payment to the seller if the gift card balance does not match the amount agreed upon during checkout. If the Gift Card Balance does not match, the gift card will be returned to the seller and the seller will be responsible for shipping charges. All gift cards sold to Gift Card Master’s must have receipt.

2. Risk of Loss & Shipping. Gift Card Masters accepts no liability for any lost or damaged packages, or packages altered in transit, whether in transit to the Buyer or in return transit to the Seller. You are responsible for properly shipping any physical Gift Cards sold to Gift Card Masters. When acting as a Seller you agree that until the Buyer receives all Gift Cards associated with a Sale Transaction, you retain title in the Gift Card(s) and remain liable for all risk of loss. Once a Sale Transaction has been confirmed through our confirmation process and the sold Gift Card’s title is transferred to Gift Card Masters.

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